Travel Journal: Exploring Coron, Palawan

Hi everyone! As promised from our last post, here is a detailed itinerary of our trip to Coron. We arranged it in a way that you will be able to see the activities that we did per day to help you out in case you decide to visit Coron. So let’s get to it!


Day 1: Manila to Coron and Coron Town Tour

We booked a flight to Coron a few weeks before our trip via Skyjet. We were able to catch a promo, but we heard that if you’re good enough you can get even cheaper tickets when booking your flight. So anyway, we arrived in Busuanga airport at around 3:30 pm. From there, a van picked us up to bring us to our hotel.

Our view from the plane.
Touchdown Busuanga.

The van transfer was included in our hotel package with Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast Hotel. The inclusions of the package are 3 nights’ accommodation, van transfers, 1 Coron Town Tour, 2 Coron Island Tours, 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches during the Island Tours, boat transfers, life vests, entrance fees and tour guide assistance.

The package was worth P4500 for 2 pax and we believe that it is a pretty good deal. The rooms were comfortable enough. Not too classy but good enough for a place to stay and spend the night in. We were not able to take pictures of the rooms but you can check their Facebook page here if you’re interested.

Coron Town Tour

We arrived at our hotel at around 4 pm and we settled in and rest for a bit. At 5 pm, our van transfer fetched us for our Coron Town Tour. The tour guides brought us to the Lhualhati Park, Souvenir Shops, and Coron Municipal Plaza. After that, we went to Mt. Tapyas for our hiking activity which is probably the highlight of our inland tour. As you may know from our last post, Mt. Tapyas is the second highest mountain in Coron, and we climbed 721 steps to get to the peak.

Mt. Tapyas peak.
721 steps to Mt. Tapyas’ summit.

After our hike, we went to Maquinit Hot Spring. The spring was really hot but still very relaxing especially after all that activity. We also passed by Coron Harvest on our way to Maquinit Hot Spring, which is actually pretty famous. We found out that many celebrities have already been there including Kris Aquino. We bought some cashews to bring back to Manila.

We went back to the hotel at around 7pm and we decided to have dinner and settle in early.

Coron Harvest memoirs.
Coron Harvest cashews.
Maquinit Hot Spring.

Day 2: Coron Island Tour A

At 8 am on our 2nd day, a tricycle fetched us to bring us to the port where our first Island tour will begin. We were joiners in a group of 10 people, who were staying in different hotels. We were joined by our tour guide and 3 people who were assigned to sail the boat and prepare our meals. The tour guide offered us rentable snorkel gears and aqua shoes which proved useful for us when we went snorkeling.

Just to add, our tour guide and the rest of the locals in Coron are actually really nice. The tour guide and the boat men are very knowledgeable and the tour guide can even speak English with better accent and fluency than I can. They were also very nice and helpful, and they kept on reminding us to be cautious in exploring the islands of Coron so as not to damage the reefs and the surroundings.

Our tour included a visit to the famous Kayangan Lake. It was a bit tiring to get there because we had to climb about 300 steps to get to the lake itself, but it was totally worth it. It was truly mesmerizing just like what everyone has been saying about it. After swimming in Kayangan Lake for maybe 30 minutes, we went to the Sunset beach where we had our lunch.

spotgrind-kayangan lake1
Kayangan Lake.
Kayangan Lake depths.
Kayangan lime stones.

After our mouthwatering lunch, we went sunbathing at the beach for a bit. The beaches of Coron are quite small compared to other beaches we’ve been to. The sand is white and fine though, so even if we didn’t have much space to sunbathe, we still enjoyed the lovely view.

spotgrind-sunset beach1
Sunset Beach.
White sands of Sunset beach.

Our next destination after lunch was the CYC Beach and Las Islas de Coral, which are adjacent to each other. Our boat stopped in the spot where the corals are and our tour guide led us to the vast coral gardens there. After exploring the corals, we checked out the CYC beach, there wasn’t much to see though because it was merely just an island sitting amid the sea.

CYC Beach.
Las Islas de Coral.
Las Islas de Coral.

The last destination was the Blue Lagoon. However, we were not able to swim in it because the tide was pretty low. The tour guide advised us that it is better to stay in the boat since the water is so low that it is not okay for swimming plus the fact that there are lots of jelly fishes hanging around the area at that time.

We went back to our hotel at around 4pm. We cleaned up and got some rest before having dinner at the Kawayanan Grill Station. It was located just a few blocks from our hotel and they serve really good food and drinks. One of their best sellers is the Crocodile Sisig. We highly suggest that you try it out when you visit Coron. They have billiards and karaoke too. Here’s the link to their Facebook page for more info.

2nd night dinner at the Kawayanan Grill.

Day 3: Coron Island Tour B

We were doused by rain showers on our 3rd day in Coron but it didn’t stop us from enjoying our 2nd island tour. Our first destination was the Barracuda Lake. The tour guide said it was named that way because there is one Barracuda fish living there. We didn’t see it though; maybe it’s not very comfortable with people. Hehe. The Barracuda Lake was a lot easier to reach than Kayangan Lake because the trail we climbed to get there had fewer and less steeper steps than that of Kayangan’s. However, the water in Kayangan Lake was a lot clearer than in Barracuda’s although we think it might have been an effect of the rain as well.

Barracuda Lake.
Barracuda Lake.

Afterwards, we went to the Smith beach to have our lunch. We were not able to sunbathe though because it started raining after we finished eating so we had to stay in the boat until were ready to leave for our next destination.

spotgrind-smith beach
Smith Beach.
A little starfish we found at Smith Beach.

Next stop was the Skeleton Wreck. It is an area in the sea where a shipwreck of a sunken Chinese vessel is located. We went snorkeling to see it, but we were only able to see the tip of the vessel. We had so much fun swimming with the fishes though because there were lots of fishes in that area that you could almost touch them.

Blurry image of the Chinese vessel.
Fishes at the Skeleton Wreck.
Fishes at the Skeleton Wreck.

We also went to the Coral Garden. Like Las Islas de Coral, it is also a vast collection of coral reefs that are so beautiful it actually looks like a man made garden under the sea. We snorkeled there for a bit and then went to our last destination.

Coral Garden.
Coral Garden.

Our final destination was the Twin Lagoon. We docked in the first lagoon and went to the second one which is hidden behind a rock wall. You had to climb over the rocks through a ladder or swim through a crevice underneath in order to reach the other side. There wasn’t much to see, so we just actually swam around a bit. The water was salty and murky so we didn’t snorkel that much. The temperature of the water was also a bit weird because there are areas where the water was cold and there areas where it is warm. The tour guide said that this is caused by the meeting of salt water and fresh water.

The Twin Lagoon.
The Twin Lagoon.

We went back to our hotel a little earlier than we did on our first island tour because it just kept on raining the whole time. We ended the day by having dinner and some drinks at Noname Bar and Restaurant which is just beside our hotel. You can check their Facebook page here if you like.


Day 4: Coron to Manila

Our flight back to Manila was around 2pm so our van fetched us from the hotel at 10:30 am. Before we left, we went shopping for souvenirs at the Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop. We were able to buy some T shirts, decors and delicacies.


So that’s it for this blog post, we hope that you will find it helpful and informative especially if you’re planning to visit Coron in the near future. If you have any questions like the budget and expenses for this trip, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you so much for your time and see you on our next post! Bye!

Liez💋 and Jerii👌


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