Travel Journal: A day in Camaya Coast, Mariveles Bataan

Hi everyone! We just wanted to share to you our experience in another amazing travel spot here in the Philippines. Camaya Coast located in Mariveles, Bataan is a perfect place to go to this summer especially if you are someone who loves the beach, like us! (heehee). In this article, we’ll be sharing the details of our trip including lots of pictures. So let’s get to it.


We learned about Camaya Coast through a promo we found in Metrodeal. It is a package for a day tour to the resort which includes a free ferry transport from Manila to Camaya and back plus access to the resort’s amenities like the infinity pool, kayak, beach volleyball area and basketball court. It was very affordable at Php899 per person, but unfortunately the allocation of the deal is limited to 5 persons per day only. And another hitch was that our target date is no longer available when we tried to book a reservation.


So we called Camaya’s customer service. (We got their contact details from their website which was linked to the Metrodeal promo ad. I’ll leave their website link below so you can check it out.) Anyway, we called Camaya to check if we can still book a reservation for a day tour even if the Metrodeal promo is already fully booked, and the representative suggested that we check their website and click the β€œBook a Day Trip” tab there. The rates are similar to the Metrodeal promo, the only difference is that this is a direct reservation to the resort and you can customize the add ons that you want with it. The day trip tour is Php499 pesos per pax only, but you can choose to add the ferry transport going to Camaya and back to Manila worth Php400, a meal worth Php199 and a locker worth Php49. You may choose to exclude the ferry transport but I heard that travelling by land would take you 3 hours minimum to get there and it’s not that accessible unless you have a private vehicle. It is also best to take note that Camaya only accepts payments for online reservations made through Paypal and bank deposits. Reservations should also be made atleast three days before your date of visit.


The ferry is located at Esplanade Seaside Terminal, and the departure time is 7:30 am. We highly recommend that you arrive at least an hour early to avoid long lines in the registration/checking of reservations before boarding. The trip was around 2 hours, so we arrived at the resort at exactly 9:30 am. Upon arrival,Β we were givenΒ cards which serve as our keys to the lockers. We just had it registered in their Snack Bar so we can activate our lockers, but if you did not avail of the locker add on in their package, you will have to pay for it first. The cards are also re loadable which you can use in paying for your meals and other amenities.


After getting dressed (please take note that the resort requires you to wear proper swim wear), we went to the beach to take pictures. The beach has very fine sand that is light brown in color. The water is bluish green to dark blue. What we loved about it is that the place was very clean and orderly. There are lifeguards everywhere so you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety.Β  And they are also very accommodating.


We decided to do some kayaking, which is included in our package. We also enjoyed playing in their inflatable obstacle course/play ground, (we honestly don’t know what to call it. Hihi). We also wanted to go to their bicycle trail with the waterfalls but we didn’t have enough time.
Β Kayak_20160326_112238
Aside from the activities mentioned above, you can also avail of a banana boat ride, have a massage in the spa, and watch the fire dancers and fireworks display in the evening. However, if you only availed of the day tour package with the ferry boat transfer, you’re not gonna be able to enjoy all these activities because the ferry going to Manila leaves at 4:00 pm. SoΒ we suggest that if you really want maximize your stay in Camaya, better avail of their overnight package instead of the day tour.
Β Infinitypool_20160410_102349
So since we have limited time, we just swam at the beach and played in the inflatable playground. It was actually so much fun, makes you feel like a kid again. Afterward we went toΒ  the infinity pool, took lots of pictures and swam some more before getting ready to leave. Our ferry left at around 4:20pm because we had to wait for the rest of the guests to board. We arrived at Esplanade at around 6:30pm.
Β Camays_20160329_000802
WeΒ almost forgot to mention about the meal included in our package, it was from Max’s and you can choose from 3 different sets of meals which includes Pancit, Fried Chicken, Lumpiang Sariwa, Fish Fillet, Adobo, and many others. If you prefer something else, there are food stalls available there. They haveΒ a Snack Bar, though I’m not exactly sure what their menu is. They also have Shakey’s and Jamba Juice. You can also to go to Figaro if your craving for dessert and coffee. There are also other food establishments that are yet to open like Krispy Kreme and Pancake House.
Overall, we highly recommend Camaya Coast if you want a nice beach getaway but you don’t want to travel too far. We especially loved the ferry boat transfer because it makes transportation to Camaya so much easier. And it’s pretty cheap too, becauseΒ if you would bring your own car and travel by land, imagine how much gas and toll fees you’d be paying just to get there. The only downside is that it’s still relatively new and their hotel is not that big to accommodate a lot of visitors. So if you want to avail of their overnight package, make sure that you book way ahead of time.
So that’s it for this review. You can check their website through this linkΒ if you want to know more about their packages. Thank you so much for your time. Feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments below. Bye!
Liez πŸ’‹ and Jerii πŸ‘Œ

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  1. Hey! I’m actually looking for places to visit that’s near Manila and of course a place where it’s not too expensive hahaha. Thanks for including the prices at least I now have an idea how much I should save up for this trip. Keep doing detailed travel reviews. They’re really helpful


    1. Thank you! Glad I was able to help. I really hope you would enjoy Camaya as much we did. Have fun! 😊


  2. Mimi says:

    What a beautiful place! I love their pool! I definitely would like to check this place out on my future vacations. It must be lovely spending a glamorous time here with these refreshing blue waters. πŸ™‚


    1. Yes. It’s a really nice place to go especially this summer. Thank you for dropping by! 😊


  3. investmnl says:

    Very informative post. I usually looked for prices especially if i’m interested in trying it out. Glad to know that an estimated cost is indicated in it. PS. I’ve shared your article to my close friends. Hoping this will end our search for the perfect summer getaway destination. Thanks!

    Jen Villarosa of Invest MNL


    1. Thank you so much! Have fun in your summer getaway! 😊


  4. Yan says:

    Nice photos! In fairness to Camaya Coast, antagal na nila well maintained parin! πŸ˜‰


    1. Matagal na pala sya? It looks really new when we were there. I guess that’s how well they maintained the place. 😊 Thanks for dropping by!


  5. KatR says:

    What a beautiful tropical area. The white sandy beaches and the gorgeous blue-green sea water all looks SO inviting!! TYhank you for sharing your adventure and photos!


    1. Thank you for appreciating my post too! 😊


  6. I’m into traveling also and this post is very helpful! Thank you! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much! 😊


  7. Adel C says:

    The place really looks neat. Glad to know that Camaya Coast is affordable and accessible. I’d recomnend this to my group. Thanks for your post!


    1. Thank you for that! I hope your friends would like it too. 😊


  8. Jean Dalida says:

    Bataan is the next go-to travel destination who wants to escape the noisy city! Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Absolutely! Thanks for dropping by! 😊


  9. Carmel David says:

    How many hours from Manila? I want to go on a quick beach trip and I might just consider this. πŸ™‚


    1. From Esplanade in MOA, travel time is only around 2 hrs. Have fun! 😊


  10. Neri Ann says:

    It looks like you enjoyed your stay there though from the start there was a little trouble on your booking. Good thing that there was still an option and you get to experience the beautiful beach!


    1. So true. I think the key is to book the trip earlier to avoid the hassles. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! 😊


  11. Cess Piano says:

    This is interesting! I’m from Subic and heard of Camaya Coast several times but didn’t expect that their beach is that beautiful. I wonder how can we go there from Subic. I will check the link you provided.Hehe. Glad you enjoyed your simple getaway!


    1. Thank you! Yes please do. I’m sure their customer service would be able to help you. Have fun! ☺


  12. Joanna says:

    The resorts looks wonderful, I love that the pool is so big and made on different floors. The color of the sea is also beautiful.


    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping by! 😊


  13. Saswati Bhoi says:

    Looks like a wonderful place!! πŸ™‚ Great photographs!! I’m sure you enjoyed a lot there!! πŸ™‚


  14. jaimie felix says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this place – First time to browse with photos – The place looks stunning and malapit lang in Manila – thanks for including the prices –


  15. Honestly Camaya Coast sounds “sosyal” to me at first but it’s actually affordable based on your story here. And the beach looks inviting, and clean. This is perfect for any family or barkada outing.


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