A sneak peek to the makings of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (the movie)

miss peregrine

I just read an article from Entertainment Weekly about the latest update on Tim Burton’s film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. And being the bookworm that I am, I’m very particular with the details when books are being turned to films. Especially books that I really liked.

This book is actually the first in a trilogy which includes Hollow City (Book 2) and Library of Souls (Book 3). The story is about a teenager named Jacob, who enters a magical world where time can be manipulated and the children all have special powers. He discovers that this world plays an important role in his life and that this is where he’ll find answers to his nightmares and to the questions his grandfather left when he died.

The cast includes Asa Butterfield as Jacob Portman, Eva Green as Miss Peregrine, Terence Stamp as Abraham Portman, Ella Purnell as Emma Bloom, Pixie Davis as Bronwyn Buntley, Cameron King as Millard Nullings, Georgia Pemberton as Fiona Frauenfeld, Finlay MacMillan as Enoch O’ Connor, Milo Parker as Hugh Apiston, Lauren McCrostie as Olive, Rafiella Chapman as Claire Densmore, Hayden Keeler-Stone as Horace Somusson and many more.

Here are photos from EW, showing some of the peculiar children in the film. From left to right, you’ll find Olive which is the levitating girl in the book. I dunno but I actually expected her to be smaller and younger because she’s supposed to be light in weight since she can float. But it seems like Tim has different ideas for the movie. Next to Olive is Bronwyn, which I expected to be bigger and fit since she’s the one who has incredible strength. But in this picture she looks so much younger. Next to her is Millard the invisible child, and the twins played by Thomas and Joseph Odwell. Now I’m pretty sure that these twins are the masked ballerinas but they never really showed up in the book except in the pictures so I dunno what they’ll be doing in the film. And finally, there’s Emma, who’s supposed to be the girl who can produce fire through her hands.

Photo Source: Jay Maidment via Entertainment Weekly

Now in this picture you’ll find Jacob guiding a floating Emma using a rope. Why? Well, apparently Tim decided to switch Olive and Emma’s powers. So now, Olive is the one who can produce fire, which explains the gloves in the first picture. And Emma is the one who can levitate, which is why she’s wearing the steel shoes.

Photo Source: Jay Maidment via
Photo Source: Jay Maidment via Entertainment Weekly

I’m actually a bit disappointed with all these changes. I mean, I’m pretty sure Tim Burton knows what he’s doing. But for me, a book’s story plays a very important role in a reader’s life. It’s the reason why after finishing the first book in the trilogy, the reader grabs the second book almost immediately. The story is where the reader understands the characters and the situation they are in. It captures the reader’s heart. And while reading the book, the reader already has an image in his/her head about how the characters look like (especially if there are actual pictures in the book) and a vision of what might happen in the next chapter. So I really think that if a book is going to be turned into a film, then the producers should try their best to stick to the plot. I’ve encountered so many films based on books which incorporate so many changes that they start to feel like a totally different story. I feel like the movies ruin the books especially for those who haven’t read it yet. But I guess, that’s just how it goes when it comes to films. I’ll never know. I’m just sharing my opinion anyway. I think, we’ll just have to wait until September to see if the movie will be a good one.

If you want to know more about the film, here’s the link for the article from EW that I mentioned earlier.

Inside the peculiar new home of Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine

Please let me know in the comments if you want a book review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City and Library of Souls. I’d be only too happy to write one for you. Thank you so much for your time. See you in our next post. Bye!



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