Book Review: Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella

shopaholic to the rescue

As promised, here is my review of Sophie Kinsella’s latest addition to the Shopaholic Series, “Shopaholic to Rescue.”

We all know how the last book “Shopaholic to the Stars” ended with a cliffhanger. Becky’s father Graham and Suze’s husband Tarquin went missing. They didn’t say where they were going, but Graham left a note telling Becky not to worry and that there is something he needs to put right. Naturally it made them all worry especially when Suze found out that they were accompanied by Bryce, a former employee from Golden Peace, who is known for having “unhealthy practices.”

And so Suze, being so desperate and anxious to find her husband decided that she’ll go look for him. She asked Becky to go with her, but she also brought Alicia along because she’s convinced that Alicia would be able to help her. And that’s where their journey began. Becky, her daughter Minnie, Suze, Janice, Jane, Alicia and Luke went on an adventure to Las Vegas looking for Graham and Tarquin with only the slightest clue of where they’re probably headed. Becky believes that her father is after his American friends Brent, Corey and Raymond. So they used her father’s map and searched for clues on where they will find them.

Anyway, that’s enough for the recap, let’s proceed to the review. I’m going to be very honest, I didn’t enjoy the book that much. Which is a bit weird for me. Because I’ve always loved the Shopaholic Series. I read every single book in the series a million times over and over, and I never got tired of them. But somehow, I didn’t feel the same way with this book. I’m not sure why.

I think maybe one of the reasons is that most of the characters seem to have changed. Like they’re not the same way as they were in the past books. Suze, for a start, who has always been very loyal and caring for Becky suddenly turned so irate and annoyed at her all the time. She couldn’t stand the thought of her as though they’re mortal enemies and not best friends. Although she explained why she treated Becky that way in the end, I still didn’t like the way she became so hard on her.

Tarquin also became a totally different person in this book. We all know how he used to be an innocent, unsure and awkward guy even when he married Suze and had children and became Lord Tarquin Cleath-Stuart. But in this book, he became composed and together. Which is probably a good thing, but somehow you couldn’t help but miss the old Tarkie.

Elinor Sherman also underwent a change of her own. Though she has already demonstrated her improvement in “Mini Shopaholic” and “Shopaholic to the Stars”, she was still really stiff and guarded back then. But in this book, she totally let herself go. I mean she hang out with Jane, sang in the Karaoke and had her very first hangover. The change was good and funny in a way, but somehow it doesn’t seem like Elinor, it’s like a different person disguised as Elinor.

And the most shocking change of all was that of Becky. It was rather a good change as well because she became more mature and selfless. She’s still really creative and imaginative. But she’s no longer the Shopaholic we loved. She’s still funny but she doesn’t seem to make me laugh the way I used to laugh about her misfortunes before. In fact, now I think about it, I didn’t really laughed that much (if at all) while reading this book. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t that satisfied with it.

I guess the whole point of this book is to show how all our beloved characters grew up and improved in their own ways. But the changes were all very sudden, there are a few things that appear to be confusing. And the events seem to happen so quickly, it’s quite hard to keep up. It also makes me sad that Luke and Becky still didn’t get the second baby they were wishing for. I kind of expected it to happen at the end of the story.

But I still love Becky, and Luke, and Minnie and the rest of the gang. I still love Sophie and I hope this is not the end of the Shopaholic Series. I hope she would still continue to write about Becky and her adventures. I heard she’s writing a new book, and I’m already looking forward to it.

So that’s it for this review. Have you read Shopaholic to the Rescue as well? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below. Thank you so much. Bye!



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