Teen Wolf Season 5B Premiere – “The Last Chimera”


So Teen Wolf Season 5b has premiered last Jan. 5, and here’s a little review of the first episode. Things are getting more and more exciting and we gotta hand it to Jeff Davis right here you know. He’s a genius. Anyway, we all know how Scott and Stiles had a rift at the end of Season 5a, and in this episode they really had a nasty fight. This may be because of everything Stiles has been going through, what with Sheriff Stilinski suffering from so much pain after being attacked by a chimera and all that.

There was also the matter of Lydia being in grave danger. She was saved by Parrish after dreaming about making out with her. He found her in a state of coma and saw the rock where she drew Sheriff Stilinski’s badge with her finger. He went looking for Scott who was recovering from his fight with Liam. Together, they brought Lydia to the hospital.

After finding out about Lydia’s situation, Stiles immediately went to see her but Mrs. Martin won’t let him near her. So he yelled at her to check out Lydia’s head, and sure enough there was a hole in it. Mrs. Martin decided to send Lydia to Eichen House, thinking she’d be safe in there, even with Parrish begging her not to.

Scott eventually found out that Theo was the bad guy after all. The episode started by showing Valack trying to get answers about Theo from Lydia. Apparently, Theo killed his sister to steal his heart because according to Valack, a transplant would make him a genetic chimera. Very evil.

Scott and Stiles went looking for the chimera who attacked Sheriff Stilinski. Scott even asked for Malia’s help, which is a bit awkward since Stiles and Malia kind of drifted away on Season 5a. But then Stiles was knocked unconscious by the same kid they were hunting and he dreamed about his mother’s funeral, with his father telling him, “You still got me!.” It was rather heart wrenching.

The best thing about this episode is the comeback of one of our favorite characters. Chris Argent came to fight with Scott when they were being attacked by the Dread Doctors. Yes! You read that right. J.R Bourne is so back!

In the end, Stilinski survived after Melissa McCall guessed about him being poisoned by a piece of bone from a chimera. Which is a relief, we really don’t want him to die. Theo also realized that Scott’s pack is slowly coming back together so he went with his pack looking for Lydia. He wasn’t really after Lydia though, what he really wanted was a hell hound. I’m guessing the spotlight might be on Parrish in the next episodes. We shall see about that.

Also, another piece of news for the Teen Wolf fans out there. It’s not just J.R. Bourne who has returned to the series because Crystal Reed is finally coming back! She may not be playing as Allsion Argent anymore, but still this is something to look forward to. According to an article from BuzzFeed, she will be appearing on the Feb. 23 episode of Teen Wolf, titled “The Maid of Gevaudan.” She’ll be playing the character of Marie-Jeanne Valet, an ancestor of the Argents. For more details about her comeback you may check out the BuzzFeed article we’re referring to through this link.

Everything You Need To Know About Crystal Reed’s Return To “Teen Wolf”

So that’s it for this review. We can’t wait to see Episode 12 – “Damnatio Memoriae.” Things are about to get a lot more interesting so we better stay tuned for that. Anyway, thanks for your time. See you on our next post. Bye!


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