It’s Just a Number


People often think that if you’ve been together for a really long time, it means that your love for each other is real. They just assume that the longer the relationship, the better. Others would claim that if you pass the so called 3 year, 7 year itch then you guys are meant to be. But I don’t think it all falls down to that.

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary just recently. People are like, “Wow, congratulations.” “That’s a really long time.” “Hurray” and all that. I mean don’t get me wrong. I’m really happy that my boyfriend and I lasted this long. But for me, a 4 year anniversary is not so different from a 2 year anniversary or even a 1 month anniversary. These are all milestones for a relationship and no matter how long the relationship you’re celebrating, the most important thing is that you’re happy.

Some people said, “Oh you should do something big.. give him a really nice gift, since this is your fourth year together.” And I’m like, is that even necessary? Is a relationship measured by grandiose celebrations or expensive gifts? Aren’t you supposed to be thankful and just spend that special day, every day in fact, with your loved one and cherish every moment with them?

Because that’s exactly what we did. We went out on a date like we usually do. We window shopped. and checked out places we haven’t been into. We didn’t really want to spend so much money for our celebration because practicality wise, we knew that we will be spending a lot during the holiday season. I did bought him a gift though, it’s a blue tooth portable speaker he’s been eying for so long. It’s not much but it’s something he really wants and when it comes to gifts, I strongly believe that it should be something that the receiver would ACTUALLY use or something that he/she REALLY wants. As for me, he gave me two books that I’ve always wanted to read because he knows that I am a bibliophile. I was over the top with joy because it’s all I ever wanted. And I’m always thankful for books. I couldn’t stop smiling that day.

Anyway, as I was saying. It’s not about the length of the relationship. Because even if you’ve been together for a million years or so.. if you no longer feel the same way you did when you first met them. If you can’t see the best in them anymore. If you no longer feel excited at the thought of seeing them, then what’s the point of keeping the relationship any longer? I think what matters most is that the feeling never fades and that it grows and flourish as time pass by. What matters is that the longer you stay together, the more you become comfortable around each other. You get to know them in a deeper level. You become one. What matters is that you don’t just see your partner as your boyfriend/girlfriend but also as your bestfriend. If that’s how you feel toward them, then “4 years” is just a number.



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