Book Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


My boyfriend gave me this book and its sequel P.S. I Still Love You as an Anniversary gift. And I was so happy because I’ve always wanted to read them ever since I saw them at our local bookstore. I guess it was because the cover is so cute and the title is so catchy which makes it stand out from the other books. I dunno about you, but I personally judge a book by its cover – and title. Well initially, that is. If the cover is not so nice or if it doesn’t have a unique title, then I basically ignore it. Now if the book has both a nice cover and title, then that’s the time I would look into the plot.

This book has a really cute and girly cover with a very intriguing title. I’ve heard that song before with the lyrics “To all the girls I’ve loved before…” la la la. It was a really old song and I don’t even know any other lyrics aside from that one. It makes me wonder, why would a girl address the boys she used to love? So then I read the plot and it really got me.

It basically goes this way. Lara Jean, the protagonist, writes a letter for every boy she loved. These letters are for when she doesn’t want to be in love with them anymore. When she writes a letter she says everything she wants to say in it, then she puts it in an envelope, address it and put it in her hatbox. The letters were never meant to be sent. They just serve as a way to seal her feelings so she can forget about her heartbreak and move on. But all of a sudden, her letters got sent out which made her love life really complicated.

I would spare you the details because I don’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t read it yet. I just want to warn you though, prepare to fall in love with Peter Kavinsky. He’s basically Lara Jean’s prince charming and I fell in love with him real hard. Well that happens to me every time I read a really good story. I try to avoid it, but I just can’t. Peter is just so cute and sweet and funny, it makes me want to take him home.

Another thing I liked about it is Lara Jean’s relationship with her sisters and her dad. She loves her family so much that she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness for them. I guess, I just love everything about her character because she’s so simple. Like the average girl who likes to stay at home and study. Someone who doesn’t always go to parties, doesn’t cuss, likes to bake and whatnot. Then she fell for Peter who is this popular, sporty and really handsome guy. She never really thought that Peter would actually like her back because of the difference between their personalities and she felt like she’s not Peter’s type. Besides, Peter doesn’t seem to be over his ex girlfriend Genevieve yet and Lara Jean liked Josh (her sister’s boyfriend) before she realized that it’s Peter she really liked.

It’s just a really cute story and it makes me miss my high school days. I highly recommend this book for those who want something light and fun to read.

So that’s it for my little review. I’ll be writing a review on its sequel P.S. I Still Love You real soon so stay tuned for that. Thank you loves! See you in my next post!



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