The Shopaholic Series (Book Recommendations)


If you love to read fictional novels like me, here is a list of my favorite books by Sophie Kinsella that I highly suggest you get your hands on.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Some of you may have seen the movie already but I guarantee that the book is definitely a good read. Becky Bloomwood’s struggle to overcoming her shopping addiction and her search for true love makes the story really funny and exciting.

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

This is the second book in the shopaholic series where Becky goes to New York with his boyfriend Luke in the hopes of expanding his business there. Becky’s adventures in finding opportunities for her career and blending with the lifestyle in Manhattan made her think that her shopping expenses are reasonable and are considered investments. However, her spending has put her to a huge debt which made everything crumble to pieces. Even her relationship with Luke.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

The third installment in the shopaholic series where Luke and Becky gets married. Luke proposes to Becky on the day of her best friend Suze’s wedding. But then, Becky gets torn between her mother and Luke’s mother who both want to give her a grandiose wedding in different locations at the same day. Becky’s creativity in finding a way to get out of the situation without disappointing any of the two moms will make this book so much fun to read.

Shopaholic and Sister

This book tells the story where Becky finds out that she has a sister which her father had before he got married with her mom. At first, she didn’t know how to react but then she got so excited with the thought that she finally has someone she can have fun with. However, it turns out that her sister has a totally different personality from her. That is, she is incredibly thrifty and she definitely hates spending. Becky’s struggle to winning her sister’s heart and trying to be thrifty will definitely get you hooked up.

Shopaholic and Baby

This book highlights Becky’s first pregnancy where she wanted to get a consultation from a very famous Gynecologist of some celebrity moms. After going through all the trouble of booking a schedule with the gynecologist, she eventually finds out that the doctor is Luke’s ex-girlfriend which turns out to be planning to ruin their relationship and get Luke back. The best part is Becky’s struggle with her pregnancy and how she did everything to keep her relationship with Luke from falling apart.

Mini Shopaholic

This book tells the story on how Becky and Luke tries to control their daughter Minnie. Minnie is a very lively child that she’s being mistaken of having behavioral problems. Becky also tries to set up a surprise birthday party for Luke. But since she can’t seem to do it on her own she seeks help from Luke’s mother Elinor. However, Luke and Elinor had a huge row in the past books which made it hard for Becky since she wants Luke to appreciate all the effort Elinor has put in to Luke’s surprise party. Also, the fact that Minnie and Elinor gets along really well makes her think that she’s not so bad after all.

Shopaholic to the Stars

Becky and her daughter moves to L.A. since her husband Luke is handling celebrity Sage Seymour’s PR. Becky then encounters many celebrities which makes her dream of a career in Hollywood. Her adventures in finding opportunities and trying to find connections with celebrities in L.A makes this book a really exciting and fun read.



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