Burger King Review

Burger King

Burgers and fries are the perfect comfort food for us but we were a bit disappointed with Burger King. Not to offend the Burger King lovers out there but this is just our honest opinion from our experience with them. The service was great, the crew was really nice, the place was really nice too, but the food wasn’t so good. Well, maybe we just had very high expectations because we remember trying it the first time and it was OK. But the last time we ate there, we weren’t very happy with it. We ordered a Jr. Whopper, a chicken nugget sandwich, some onion rings and fries. The food would have been great if it wasn’t too bland. Or maybe we just have a high tolerance with saltiness or something. We felt like if there’s no ketchup, the food wouldn’t taste anything at all. Or maybe they don’t always serve their food that way. it just so happened that the day we decided to eat there, the food wasn’t so flavorful. We really don’t know. Maybe we’ll try Burger King again in the future, but not anytime soon.

Liez💋 and Jerii👌


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