Tips on Finding and Creating New Friends

Source: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

Put yourself in places where you’ll likely meet new people

Check out places around your neighborhood where most people hang out. Like a local park or something. Or you can join an organization with people who have common interests, like a book club, or a sports team.

Speak up

The key to making new friends is to interact with people. Once you’ve joined an organization of your choice try approaching some of the members and make small talk. You can start by asking details about the other person, like his/her name, age, where he/she’s from or his/her interests. Find a common interest and start from there. It can be your favorite hobby, book or movie or anything under the sun. Show him/her that you really want to know about his/her opinions and listen to them carefully.

Try to look friendly

Some people get intimidated by the way you look that they tend to distance themselves away from you. For example, if you are just sitting in a corner or if you always have that scowl plastered in your face, you’re practically sending a message that any type of interaction is not welcome. But if your always smiling and making eye contact, and if you are positioning yourself in a place where people will easily notice you, then they might think that you are approachable and it would be fun to be your friend.

Make sure that they will remember you

It’s important that you introduce yourself to the other person and if it is not too much to ask, try to get his/her contact details so you can keep in touch.

Invite them for a gathering

Plan an event, and invite them over so you can have a chance to meet again and spend more time together. You can take this opportunity to get to know them a little more, become closer and take your friendship to a deeper level.

Do your responsibility as a friend

Once you have created your friendship you must take care of it. Be there for your friend when they need you, or even when they don’t. Always listen to them and show them that you are worthy of their trust. Most of all, make sure that you will never lose contact with them. Make them feel that you are always there even when you are really busy. It won’t hurt to send them a text message or give them a call every once and a while.



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