The thing is, relationships should never be open to the public..


Unless it is meant for entertainment, like in a book or a movie. Which I doubt because that would mean you’re either celebrities or fictional characters.

Otherwise it’s not advisable to make your love life an open book, and I’m pretty sure of this because I’m speaking from experience. I’ve learned this the hard way.

Talking about it with your family and friends every once in a while is fine. But to share every single thing about it? Not a good idea.

Some couples are fond of publicizing their happy moments, like sweet gestures and other cute stuff. But sometimes, they get a little too much that they even broadcast the more intimate stuff. Now that’s very unhealthy, because no matter what, you can’t afford to loose the privacy in your relationship.

More importantly, you shouldn’t share the bad stuff, like the arguments and the problems that you go through. It’s cool to seek for advice, but keep in mind that both sides of the story must be told. When were mad, we tend to just focus on what we feel and we don’t take the other person’s feelings for consideration. This may cause your friends to think that your partner is no good for you. And he/she will only get a bad rep.

Also, you would only find the problem a lot harder to fix, because you will be getting a lot of opinions that would only affect your decision. So the best thing to do is for you and your partner to talk about the problem and try to situate it privately before sharing it with your friends. Because only the two of you can solve those problems, no one else.

When the whole world knows about your relationship, you’ll notice that everyone seems to be waiting for the next episode. It’s like you’re running a TV series and it’s your responsibility to keep your viewers posted. Eventually, you will get tired to the point that you will only be keeping the relationship just to show off.. even if you’re no longer happy. I’m pretty sure you love your partner and you value your relationship. So I say, try to contemplate and take this for consideration..



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  1. ladyarizelblog says:

    I know what that means now 😦 I learned the hard way too.


  2. I think most of us really go through that stage. Atleast we have learned our lesson don’t we? Thank you for dropping by. ☺


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